Health, Safety, Quality and Environmental Management

We are a 5 Star accredited RISQS Supplier

We are a 5 Star accredited RISQS Supplier

We have an excellent HSQE track record and our team, led by Health & Safety Manager Telma Neto, is committed to continually improving the way we work so that we can offer the best possible services to our clients, whilst protecting and developing not only our people but the environments we work in and our wider community.

Health, Safety & Wellbeing

Our priority is to protect our staff, and all others we come into contact with in the course of our operations, from any form of harm.

We take the health and safety of our workforce very seriously; not only striving to keep staff safe out on site and on the road, but promoting their long term physical and mental wellbeing through a programme of regular medical assessments, and by promoting healthy lifestyle choices.

We encourage regular feedback from our staff about their experience of the work environment, to aid the continual development of our Health & Safety procedures. Our Safety Policies can be viewed here.

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The Environment & Sustainability

We are committed to minimising the damage that our activities cause to the environment, and we endeavour to “do our bit” to make the world a better place by using ethical work practices.

Our work activities are always planned with the protection and improvement of the environment as a major priority. We aim to prevent pollution, minimise waste production and energy usage, promote re-cycling, and we try only to work with suppliers with a similar ethos.

Our current environmental and sustainability programmes include a carbon-offsetting scheme through Forest Carbon in which a percentage of our fuel expenditure is used to invest in new woodland, thus helping to counter the negative effects of our CO2 emissions.

We regularly donate to charity and contribute to community projects such as funding improvements to a local scout hut and sponsoring local sports teams.

Our environmental and sustainability policies can be viewed here.

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We work closely with our clients to ensure we know exactly what they need from us, and we tailor the service we offer to meet their specific requirements.

We are an ISO9001 accredited organisation and on all of our contracts we aim to achieve the highest possible standards of quality.

We try to work only with suppliers who have similar standards, and over many years have established strong alliances with good local and national suppliers who understand our business.

We regularly monitor our performance and we use customer feedback, both good and bad, to continually improve our services.

Our quality policy can be viewed here.

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